Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our Honeymoon- Part V

Okay…I’m sorry if you’re tired of honeymoon posts.

I just have to record this stuff as I remember it, so when I get old and gray I’ll be able to look back and enjoy the memories.

Back to the honeymoon now…

After we visited Fort Sumter, we decided to try to visit the Boone Hall Plantation, and it was definitely worth the time to me. Like I said before though, I’m a huge fan of the movie, The Notebook.

Want to see something beautiful?


This was the entrance to the plantation. The Avenue of Oaks. One word. Breathtaking.


Look familiar? This is the house that Allie lived in The Notebook. It’s absolutely gorgeous in person.


Beautiful pond on the property. Just as we were going across the dam by the pond, a humongous alligator made himself known to us by splashing around. I would have hated to see his entire body just by seeing the size of his eyes sticking out of the water.


Wildflowers were growing in one particular field on the property. I’ve always wanted to plant wildflowers in a field. Maybe I should add this to my 101 list…haha.


Slave cabins on the property.


These baskets were for sale all over Market Street in Charleston, and I wanted one so badly. However, after just paying for a wedding, money was limited. One of these babies was over $150. Not exactly a priority right now. I’m not saying it’s not worth what it’s priced though. The craftsmanship is awesome!


I thought the fence was pretty neat as well. It’s certainly got character to it because of the shape of it.


Recognize the gate that was ran into by Ryan Gosling when he was trying to look for Allie before she left for the summer?

After taking an open air bus tour around the property and touring the house, as well as touring the plantation, we ended the day perfectly.

Isn’t this the sight you want to see when leaving such a wonderful place?


I highly suggest visiting here if you ever get the opportunity to visit Charleston.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that the war scenes for Army Wives are filmed here. They just use computers to take out the sand and the trees, so they’re in Iraq. Funny how that works!


  1. It's so beautiful! Funny about the Army Wives scenes. Next, y'all need to come to Rome with us to see the Sweet Home Alabama house. Grandmother is having her porch tiled today. I know she would love to have y'all over once its finished.

  2. I had no idea that The Notebook was filmed in Charleston! That's so cool that you got to see that house! I'll have to put that on my list of things to do if I ever get to Charleston.

  3. i love the trees and the flowers..i would love to get married underneath those trees..beautiful!