Sunday, February 28, 2010

Make Your Own Label

I got the amazing idea to make my own labels for my wedding from two different places.

First, I knew I wanted to use bubbles for our send-off from leaving the reception. I was searching through The Knot, and this is what I stumbled upon.

Cute, huh?

Then, I realized I didn't want to have to spend all of the extra money on labels and for someone to design one for me. That's why I used Darby's tutorial.

Then, I decided I would make my own. Then, I saw that I could take her tutorial one step further. I could explain how to make those circles just the right size, so you can punch them out with a handy dandy....

Circle puncher outer?

Yep...I bought it from JoAnne's Craft Store. Okay, so it's technically not called a circle puncher outer. It's really a Fiskars X-Large Squeeze Punch.

I put my skills to work, made 3-0-0 labels, punched them all out, and made this....

Aren't they cute?

It is not perfect by any means. Do not blame me for your troubles. Please let me know if you have find any problems though, so they can be fixed immediately.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Let's Party!

First of all, I clearly did not take the above picture.

The picture above is a discovery that I made tonight that I have found to be ever so helpful.

Where's the best place to find some great party ideas?

Are you hosting a.....
bridal shower?
baby shower?
Christmas party?
New Year's Eve party?
Birthday party?

This is the place for you. The choices are amazing and very chic.

It provides all of the details including suggestions for the decorations, tabletop landscape, the menu, and what to drink.

How can it get any  better?

I love the themes! It most certainly gives you options that you could use, so check it out and start planning that party of yours!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Whole New Feel

Well, it certainly look as if I'm only good for one blog post a week here lately. I wish to do more, but it just doesn't fit into the schedule along with student teaching and wedding planning.

For the past year, I've been wanting to re-upholster my dining room chairs that I bought to match the table, buffet, and china cabinet I bought from my grandmother. When I bought the chairs, I H-A-T-E-D the fabric someone had put on the seat cushions. You can see why below...

I never liked this fabric, so I was constantly looking for fabric. I bought a fabric {which I hate now}. Thus the reason I never re-upholstered it. I finally found the perfect fabric. I was at my favorite store in Brewton, The Hourglass, at their warehouse sale. They {unfortunately} closed down and were getting rid of the remaining items they had for little to nothing.

This is the fabric I found...

I knew it was not a cheap fabric when I saw it. It was a remnant that Becki had left over from a job she did for a client, and I snatched it up for $3 {I believe}. It was 2 yards of this fabric.

Today, I {finally} re-upholstered my dining room chairs, and I'm in love all over again. They feel so wonderful to the touch and to your behind.

Below is a photo of the after:

While I was at the Hourglass, I also picked up some fabric samples that she had for sale. I think I paid 33 cents for each one. The company discontinued the fabrics and told ehr to just throw the samples away. She decided they were too good to just throw away and that someone might could use them.

Apparently, that someone was me. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all of these, but I'm sure I can come up with something creative.

I suppose we'll just see what comes out of all of this fabric. I can't wait to see myself!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day Part II

Colby and I ventured out of the house today to explore a little bit. I figured I would share some of my photos from the day so far. I have to say that we're getting a good bit of snow in town, but our yard is so wet that it isn't sticking as well as it is in the country at the Langham Family Farm. I couldn't believe how thick the snow was. It was at least 3 or more inches.

Above is photo of the small, country church that I attend. At our church, we have pictures of what it looked like after many different storms and hurricanes have hit, but we have never had a picture of it in snow.

After we left the church, we moved onto the farm that Colby's parents lease. This is where all of the cows are kept during the winter. I caught some cute pictures of them too.

Here's some pictures of the other farm that Colby's parents actually own.

Then it was time for me to have a little fun of my own...

Then, I plopped myself down and made my first snow angel......

Snow Day!

"Attention Students, Teachers, and Staff: There will be no school tomorrow due to the icy and snowy conditions that are supposed to arrive tonight. We want to keep our students and staff safe. Therefore, there will be no school tomorrow."

Yep...that's what we heard yesterday at school. When I woke up this morning, there was absolutely no snow, and I began to think that everyone was getting excited for no reason. Some might wonder why in the world we would get excited over something like snow, but when you rarely see it {as in maybe once every three or more years...maybe}, it's something to get excited over.

I have yet to really brave the snow and get out in it yet because until now it has really been a mix of snow and rain. However, I just took a video of it from my kitchen window. Hope you enjoy!

99 days and Counting!

This morning I woke up, and I accessed I could not believe my eyes when I discoved that we have less than 100 days to go before I get married!

I think I have been very motivated by that this morning. I'll be on the phone all day lining people up to make sure everything is in place for the wedding.

My sweet future sister-in-law suggested that I purchase an etiquette book, and I had no idea the amount of information that it provided in it that simply answers the smallest question you might have.

What I have enjoyed about it most though is that I see ways I will be able to use this in the future, more particularly when I have children of my own who are grown and getting married. This will certainly aid me in what I need to do, as well as etiquette for hosting showers for their friends.

Now comes the time when I must talk about my future husband and how wonderful he is. For an early Valentine's present, he took me to the Spa at the Wind Creek Casino in Poarch where he works at the fire department.

It was a complete surprise until the day before where he informed me we were going to have a couple's massage. It was truly the ultimate experience. It was certainly way more than I expected it to be. After your massage, you were separated into the men's and women's spa sides where you get full access to the hot tub, sauna, and steam room, as well as many more services to make sure you have the most of your experience.

To me, the experience would be better if you went with another couple, so when you're separated you aren't all alone. Other than that though, it was truly wonderful. At least go give it a try.


On another note, it has begun to snow outside. For snow to occur here in South Alabama is almost like a miracle. As of now, it has only been snowing for about 20 minutes or so, if that. We've only got a light dusting, but it's still coming down pretty hard, and we're predicted to at least get one inch or more of snow. I guess we will see.

When there is more substantial snow, I will post photos.