Thursday, April 6, 2017

101 Things to do in 1,001 Days

Can it be done? Completing 101 goals in 1,001 days?

Maybe not. I’ve always had good success at completing a great majority of the goals I set for myself though. Some of them are just simple and silly goals. Some are more serious and complex…not many though. I’m not that complicated of a person.

I look forward to setting new goals. It’s funny to see how some goals become obsolete as you change in almost a three year period. Your priorities change, or you make new plans. It’s all a part of life. Being a Type A person though, I enjoy making lists, and I love crossing items off even more.

I’ve had this list made since the beginning of the year, so I’m just going to say that January 1, 2016 is the start date, which means my goal to have everything completed by is October 8, 2018. That’s why some things are already marked off.

101 Things to Do

So, here it goes….the brainstorm of goals for the next 1,001 days.

  1. Have our second {and last} child.
  2. Enroll Landry in preschool.
  3. Take a trip to the mountains.
  4. Take Landry to the beach.
  5. Go to the beach as a family of four to the beach.
  6. Remove wallpaper from guest bathroom.
  7. Replace all fans in bedrooms.
  8. Plant a tree in the backyard.
  9. Complete the Samaritan’s purse project.
  10. Paint kitchen cabinets and replace hardware.
  11. See the Biltmore Estate.
  12. Get porch swings for the front porch.
  13. Get a new breakfast table.
  14. Add tall planters to the front porch.
  15. Replace doorbell.
  16. Take Landry to fly a kite.
  17. Replace doorknobs in the house.
  18. Fill a hummingbird feeder.
  19. Hang string lights in the backyard.
  20. Make a video of a trip we go on.
  21. Make a video compilation of the new baby’s birth.
  22. Add three movies to the Christmas movie collection.
  23. Shop at the Copper Possum.
  24. Get a new mailbox and post {or paint the current one for the time being}
  25. Get a decal for the mailbox.
  26. Plant around the mailbox.
  27. Have a picnic.
  28. Make homemade chocolate chip cookies.
  29. Add finishing touches to courtyard.
  30. Purchase rug for the breakfast room.
  31. Have a piece of artwork framed and hung.
  32. Make changes to the nursery for the new baby.
  33. Get new bedding for the master bedroom.
  34. Get new light fixture for front entry.
  35. Change hall lights to recessed lighting.
  36. Change chandelier in dining room to larger chandelier.
  37. Add Christmas accent plates to china collection.
  38. Clean out laundry room.
  39. Clean out garage for either Colby’s workshop or to park my car in.
  40. Blog at least 48 times in a year {four times a month}.
  41. Pay $25,000 worth of debt from house mortgage.
  42. Continue to stay debt free aside from the house.
  43. Get rid of toys as the kids outgrow them.
  44. Consign, donate, or sell baby items as they are outgrown.
  45. Make a holiday gift for neighboring families.
  46. Make a Christmas ornament with Landry and/or new baby.
  47. Get a basket to hold Chatbooks.
  48. Repaint coffee table and put it back in living room.
  49. Add succulents to some room in the house.
  50. Plant herbs.
  51. Replace spotlight by garage with a lantern.
  52. Get throw pillows for the couch.
  53. Get two new chairs for living room.
  54. Stay at the cabin.
  55. Get new sheets for cabin beds.
  56. Get new towels for cabin bathroom.
  57. Have a family photo made as a family of four.
  58. Have newborn photos made.
  59. Change classroom theme.
  60. Have business cards made for rental business.
  61. Have a date night {locally} with Colby.
  62. Have a date with Colby {out of town}.
  63. Play Phase 10 or Uno with the family or friends
  64. Get curtains for dining room.
  65. Pick out a baby name.
  66. Order a big brother and newborn gown.
  67. Help host a baby shower.
  68. Have a first birthday party for the new baby.
  69. Have the new baby christened.
  70. Make or buy a door hanger for the hospital room door.
  71. Repaint rocking chairs on the front porch.
  72. Get prescription sunglasses.
  73. Get new glasses.
  74. Send birth announcements.
  75. Make a dessert for Colby’s birthday.
  76. Go to the shooting range with Colby
  77. Get a massage
  78. Get rid of all maternity clothes.
  79. Clean out closet after new baby.
  80. Get new summer wardrobe.
  81. Get a pedicure.
  82. Read a book for enjoyment.
  83. Take another class offered by The Nester
  84. Order the book “Simply Tuesday”
  85. Paint radio speakers in bedrooms white
  86. Find some accessories for the house at Dirt Cheap
  87. Go to Old Time Pottery in Pensacola
  88. Have backyard landscaped
  89. Have front yard landscaped
  90. Read a book about hospitality and try practicing some of the suggestions
  91. Have friends over for no particular reason
  92. Take a personal day to do whatever I want!
  93. Cook a new recipe
  94. Send a note to someone {just because}
  95. Try a new {to me} restaurant with Colby
  96. Go berry picking with the kids
  97. Have playhouse built for the kids in the backyard
  98. Throw a backyard party
  99. Surprise a friend in some way
  100. Have the family over for dinner/lunch
  101. Attend a festival/event that I’ve never been to before

46 of 101 Completed!

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