Our New Home

We finally bought a house that can now be our very own home, and I cannot explain to you how great that feels. I have been looking at houses for years because it seems to be just something that I love doing. I once worked for an appraiser, and I learned so much and that led to my love for homes and the character that each home can offer.

I knew in my heart that I didn't want a cookie cutter house that everybody and their brother can have. I wanted a house that had history and character, and I sure didn't want to settle for something that I wasn't completely in love with. The moment we stepped into this house, I knew this was the house for me. It's not perfect. It has quirks of its own throughout the house, but that's what makes a house a home. Sometimes those quirks add that bit of character to it that give it that homey feeling.

I know that these are just material things that will not amount to one dime in my eternal home. These material things will not get me to heaven, and they certainly will not fill my soul with all the things that are important to my Lord. However, I do take pride in my home, and I strive to make it a better place for my husband, my future children, and myself. These material things are just that, and I have to remind myself constantly that material things are not what matter in this life and that they will only provide me with satisfaction for a short amount of time before I move on and want something else bigger and better.

In my head, I can list one hundred things that I want to do to this house and change to make it reflect more of who we are as a family. I am already grateful for the blessing this house has been to us and will be to us in the future, but my earthly self always wants more. Reminding myself of the blessings we already have must be done on a daily basis. My brain will always dream though of things that I can work towards and accomplish a little at a time. My house will always be a work in progress, and that's ok. A house that is considered finished would be incredibly boring. So, instead of worrying about posting pictures that show a "completed room", I am just going to show you where we are in this stage of life and change it out or add more as it seems fit.

Without further adieu, here is our house and all of its progress....

Part One:     Our House {Before}

Part Two:     The Breakfast Room              
Part Three:   The Dining Room
Part Four:     The Master Bedroom

Part Five:      The {His} Bathroom and Hallway

Part Seven:    The Guest Room

Part Nine:      The Living Room

Part Ten:        The Courtyard

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  1. The home is a symbolism of a family’s character, so it's important you keep it as clean and well maintained as possible. It is also the barracks of safety for your family. And I must say, you have a great home, and a great family. Those two certainly make a great start :)