Thursday, September 23, 2010

Well hello there…

FALL! I’ve been waiting for the official day to come. It hasn’t stopped me so far from getting in the fall spirit. There’s just one problem though. We’ve only had about 3 days that truly felt like fall.

Why can’t the hot weather just go away? I would trade it for warm days with a nice, never-ending breeze. Can’t I see the green leaves of summer turn into gorgeous tones of yellow, orange, and red?


I went surfing the internet to find the fall that I so desperately have a longing for. Southern Living was the first place I turned, and they filled my every need {as usual}. A southern girl would expect nothing less. Click the picture above for 100 ways to decorate for fall.

If you just want to see fall the way we all wish it was right this very moment, click on the photo below.

autumn 2

By the end of this post, your needs should be fulfilled just like mine.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finishing What I Started…

I started a blog post yesterday, but began to think that no one would read it all since I’m catching up on all I have not shared in the past two weeks it seems.

Now, let me continue…


My niece came over on Friday to spend some time with her Aunt B. We had tons of fun! We played, we ate, we walked down the street, and then we heard the ice cream truck in the distance. After hurrying in to find some money for ice cream, we waited for it to come by.

Let me just tell you now that it comes by my house everyday. BUT NOT THAT DAY!

We waited……and waited……and waited!


It made me feel so bad. I had gotten her so excited just to be let down. This is the reaction I got from her when she heard it for herself…


Hopefully, we’ll get another chance to see the ice cream truck. Let’s hope it goes much better next time =)

On Saturday, I traded my sleep-in Saturday to cheer on my husband and the Poarch Creek Fire Department in a softball tournament in Daphne.


We played three games before losing out, but they did pretty well all things considered. I have to admit that I was a little distracted from the game by these two cuties. How can a girl resist? They were way more fun!



That pretty much sums up my weekend. I hope to have more to share later! Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Just a Busy Bee…

I have been quite the busy bee here lately. Work has basically taken over my life. I work from 7 to around 4:00 {sometimes 3:30 if I’m lucky}. Then, I bring work home, so I’ll be prepared for the next day.

When I’m not working, I’m enjoying my time off and resting, working on a project, or just spending time with my love.

Let me catch you up…

1. Checking things off my 101 list


I have received all of my fine china and everyday china. It’s all put up and in it’s place. That takes care of #9!

#58- check! Colby and I also bought a Sleep Number mattress. So far, so good! We’re loving having a king size mattress. You don’t realize how squished together you were until you get a bigger mattress. I must say though that I was getting used to being so close to him. Now, I don’t even know when he’s gotten out of bed.

camden bed

#59- check! We also ordered an upholstered headboard from Ballard Designs. I am SO hoping I’m pleased with the quality of it. We haven’t gotten it in yet, but I’ll share a picture when the bed is all done.


#74- check! I have finally found a great way to cover up that awful breaker box in our office area. The best part is…I made it myself. It’s a bulletin board. I found the fabric at Old Time Pottery for like $3 a yard. I’m going to hang one up above our other desk when I get it completed.

#87- check! Colby and I bought a discount card from the W.S. Neal Football Team. No picture, but I’m marking it off!


#101- check! Our porch had the worst color stain on it known to man. I chose to stain it the same color I’ve been staining all of the furniture I’ve refinished. Please ignore the broom, the stain can, and all of the shoes in the yard. I took this photo right after I had stained it. That’s why there’s no furniture or hanging plants.  I would take a new photo, but it’s getting dark outside…maybe when I decorate for fall.

2. Speaking of decorating for fall…we’ve been decorating for fall in the kindergarten hall of the school I work at. We have acorns we’ve colored hanging on the clothesline that hangs across the room.

We’ve also went all out on the hall. Have you ever heard of this book?


It’s a spin on “I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.”

I can’t take credit for this idea. I just wanted to do the tree with the leaves. Then, the teacher next door wanted to do something with this book, so it really worked out.

This is what we came up with…



Our friend, and now my family, and aide for kindergarten is the artist and creator of this thing. Without her, none of it would have been possible!

Okay…I think I’m going to break this one post into two. I would hate to bore you. Maybe I’ll be back to the blogging world before we know it!

Hope you had a great Monday!

P.S. Leave comments. I’m beginning to think no one’s reading anymore.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Absence

You can thank my absence from the blogging world to the {enter sarcasm} fabulous, nationwide phone company that begins with an A and ends with a T.

I’ve been out of internet service since last week. I needed internet immediately for work purposes {seeing as that’s where I get all of my worksheets}, so I opted to just go to Wal-Mart and save the money that they would charge and get a router myself. Bad idea!

I don’t know quite as much about that stuff as I thought I did, and now {6 days later} I am back in service. It’s such a relief. Let me just save you the trouble. When they offer you the router, just suck it up and order it. Now, if I could get that pesky printer to work…

One thing at a time I suppose.

I have some things to share with you, but it’s getting late. Let’s just say that I’ve been a busy bee. I’ve been knocking off things on my to-do list and my 101 list, so get ready. I can’t wait to share.

I hope you’re all still out there. Somewhere.


Monday, September 6, 2010

Right Around the Corner

That’s right! Fall is right around the corner. I can feel it, and it makes me smile. I always look forward to September.

Colby and I were talking about how wonderful God’s creations are. Just when  you are getting tired of one season, another season is on its way. I love each season for so many reasons, and I’m so thankful to have a God who was responsible for these creations.

I figured I would share with you why I love this time of year…

  1. Cooler weather. It’s still warm, but it’s much cooler than the summer heat.
  2. College football. Nothing is better than hearing the sound of ESPN on the television on a Saturday afternoon. Roll Tide!
  3. Opening my curtains to let the light in.
  4. Fall decorations. There’s so many avenues to take during this time of year. After all, you have your typical fall decor, which then turns into Halloween decor, and concludes with Thanksgiving decor.
  5. Fun crafts for the kids at school {future post on this}.
  6. I can start breaking out the hot chocolate towards the end.
  7. Cuter clothes….all of my cute clothes are for this time of the year for some reason.
  8. Time to settle in for a movie {or two}
  9. Sitting outside with a Southern Living magazine just to relax without dying from the heat
  10. Beautiful leaves changing colors!

So, what are your reasons for loving this wonderful creation? I hope you all are enjoying this time of year as much as I am.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Loving the Weekend

This weekend has been what I have been needing for quite some time {since school started, anyway}. It has been so nice to just relax while still knocking some things off of my to-do list, which just happens to be never-ending.

This is how my weekend has gone so far…

On Friday night, I enjoyed food from one of our delicious home-grown restaurants, Bracken’s Drive In. Delicious! I spent the rest of my night taking a breather on the couch with my comfy blanket and remote. A plus was getting to listen to all of the excitement outside my door. The high school I attended was having their first home game. That brings back so many memories of cheering.

I was a bit more productive on Saturday though. The weather was amazing! It was 81 degrees around noon. Can I stress how much of a difference that is from our typical 100 degree days?!?!

I gathered some things that had been accumulating around our house that were for the cabin. I took all of those things and my handy-dandy Shark mop to give those dirty hardwood floors a nice once over. A BBQ sandwich topped off my afternoon with Colby. Sunshine makes me smile.

Afterwards, Colby and I got ready for the Alabama game with friends. Amber and Dusty were so gracious to invite us over. I didn’t get one photo, but their little baby was so cute in her Alabama outfit and bib. Poor thing…she slept right through the first game.

As for today, I’ve taken it easy, opened up the curtains, and worked on some things for school. I can’t go through one weekend without doing that. I’m thinking this will pay off this time next year though.

I have the day off tomorrow! I have some projects up my sleeve that I want to start, so we’ll see how it goes.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!