Thursday, September 23, 2010

Well hello there…

FALL! I’ve been waiting for the official day to come. It hasn’t stopped me so far from getting in the fall spirit. There’s just one problem though. We’ve only had about 3 days that truly felt like fall.

Why can’t the hot weather just go away? I would trade it for warm days with a nice, never-ending breeze. Can’t I see the green leaves of summer turn into gorgeous tones of yellow, orange, and red?


I went surfing the internet to find the fall that I so desperately have a longing for. Southern Living was the first place I turned, and they filled my every need {as usual}. A southern girl would expect nothing less. Click the picture above for 100 ways to decorate for fall.

If you just want to see fall the way we all wish it was right this very moment, click on the photo below.

autumn 2

By the end of this post, your needs should be fulfilled just like mine.


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