Wednesday, December 30, 2015

House Goals of 2016

Keeping up with life is hard. Keeping up with house projects is even harder. Despite my lack of blogging in the past few months, I still enjoy making house goals every year to help guide what I want to accomplish in working to make our house more of a home and more cozy.

Since we have a baby on the way, I’m not going to get crazy with my goals this year. I’m trying to stay reasonable and keep these goals within reach. I must say that having these goals really gets me motivated to cross some things off my list, and I usually do quite well at achieving them because I actually do take the time to make the list and keep it close by.


Complete Landry’s closet


Replace mailbox and mailbox post


Add finishing touches to courtyard


Purchase rug for breakfast room


Have artwork framed and hung


Make some changes to the nursery


Get new bedding for the master bedroom


Change at least one main light fixture


Get planters for the front door


Have a new breakfast table made

Most of my house goals this year include very few DIY projects and more purchases. I consider it an accomplishment to complete at least half of my goals each year. Last year, I completed a total of six goals thanks in major part to my husband. Crossing my fingers to a successful year! And if I don’t, at least I’ll have another sweet little baby to divert my attention.