Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Finishing Touches

Hello all! I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend full of sunshine and warm weather. That’s what we’re having down here in southern Alabama, and I’m loving it.

We’re taking the new toy out for a spin today on the river, so swimsuit and sun, here I come!

I’ve been on such a roll lately with consistently scheduled blog posts that  I couldn’t leave Saturday on the wayside. That’s why I felt like I would share something small with you today.

Meet what I would like to add as a finishing touch on our kitchen. I have not chosen curtains for over a year because I wanted the perfect ones, and I think I finally found them.


I particularly love how the above picture has the curtain rolled up and tied off. Of course, you could use the second option to change it up a bit.

curtain 2

curtain 3

Where might you find these beauties? Pottery Barn, of course! They’re fairly affordable, too.

Follow this link to purchase them or find out more about them.

***Note that all pictures are clearly from the Pottery Barn website.***

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