Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winter Weather Slump

I’m in a slump. A winter weather slump. I have a to-do list a mile long. Each morning I get up and look around at the gazillion things I would like to get done that day, which would be great expect for one thing… my day would need to last thousands of hours.

Another problem is that because I’m in this winter weather slump, I’m a little less motivated to get up and move. By the time I make it through a work day, I am not nearly motivated to do ANYTHING at all seeing as how I’m completely and utterly exhausted. Five year olds are no joke.

I want to start being crafty again {or at least up to my normal level}. I want to finish those projects around my house. I want my house to be clean for heaven’s sake.

I know what you’re thinking. Get up and clean it! Don’t get me wrong. My house is not like an episode of “Hoarders” or anything. It just needs a little picking up here and there, and the floors need cleaning. It’s nothing major really. It just gets on my nerves when its not done. I need a housekeeper is what I need. Then, I could just walk in from school in the afternoons and feel totally refreshed because that would be one less thing to worry about. Why pay a housekeeper though when my house isn’t even that dirty? Why must my obsessive compulsiveness kick in in regards to housework?

Another thing is that this winter weather is causing me to be a little down in the dumps. Is it just me, or are you tired of looking at brown grass, no flowers, and bare branches?

Spring, you must hurry! I need to see green grass and a bright sun and flowers blooming. It makes me happy!

I hope you all have a fabulous week! I’m going to try to get out of this slump and get back to work!

COMING SOON: It’s Was My Birthday!

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