Saturday, January 22, 2011


This is something that I’m really excited about because it will be mine and Colby’s first trip to the Smoky Mountains by ourselves. Because our anniversary lands on a week when I will still be in school, I thought it would be great to take advantage of my spring break as the perfect opportunity to get away for our anniversary then instead.

I figured that we could do something a little more low key on our actual anniversary, but this trip will definitely suffice my need for a trip.

What is great about this year is that we’ll actually be making two trips to the good ole Smokies! One will be in April and the other in October.

I’ve never been during the fall, so since my friend is getting married there {and that I’m in the wedding}, it is the perfect reason to go then, too.

I simply can’t wait. I would go today if I could.

Well, maybe not today. Today I’m fine with being holed up in my house staying warm.

cabin rental

This is where we’ll be staying in April. We’ve booked this cabin before with my family, and I like to stick with something I know is a good deal {and very clean}.

Instead of staying in busy Gatlinburg or touristry Pigeon Forge, we’ll be staying in Wears Valley. I promise you now that if you’re going to go there that this is the area to stay in. I also highly recommend Cove Mountain Realty to book cabins. Lots of choices and very clean!

Here’s the link to our cabin if you’re interested in going.

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  1. Justin and I LOVE the Smokies. The year we started dating, we went 4 times together. We're huge fans of camping in Cades Cove and hiking. We've said that if we ever get a 2nd house, it'll be in Gburg :) Have fun!!!