Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ready for Friday

It is that time of the week again! It is nearly time to do a Friday dance. I know that I’m so relieved to see this week finally end. I believe I would have enjoyed today much more if I could have worn jeans to work. I wanted it to be Friday so bad. I wanted to wear jeans. At least tomorrow is jeans day, or  some would refer to it as casual day.

I know some of you might wonder what kind of difference that makes, but it changes my entire attitude. I’m happier in jeans. I’m more comfortable in jeans. I do my best work when I’m comfortable. Who wouldn’t? Don’t get me wrong. I’m not wearing grungy, shredded jeans or anything. Heck, I wouldn’t even wear those at home. Not my style.

Trouser jeans or skinny jeans with boots are more to my taste. So, if you see me tomorrow, I will likely be all smiles in the morning. I can’t guarantee it in the afternoon because I will likely be experience exhaustion, but I will try to do it just because it will be FRIDAY!

I have made my to-do list already. I have a couple of major projects I want to work on this weekend, and it all really depends on two things.

1. Weather: If it is too cold, this girl will likely be inside where it is warm.

2. UPS: Remember those bookcases I ordered? It looks like they won’t make it until next week, but I still have my fingers crossed since they are already in Montgomery. Hey….a girl can hope. Montgomery is just 2 hours away. Who says they couldn’t have estimated the arrival time wrong? It’s happened before, and THAT’S what I’m COUNTING ON!

Here is what is on my to-do list. You can probably go ahead and guess a few things….

  • Strip desk and sand it
  • Stain desk
  • Sand and stain bookcase
  • Put up bookshelves
  • Remove coffee table

The last two are based on the fact that UPS ships in my favor tomorrow. Let’s pray it happens.

On a lighter note, I have enjoyed the simple things in life lately. For instance, my sister came over tonight and painted my toe nails. That’s the perk of having a sister who went to cosmetology school, right?


The color: Friar Friar Pants on Fire!

It was also my birthday two weeks ago, and after my wonderful dinner at the Fish House in Pensacola, my husband reluctantly drove me to T.J. Maxx as I silently prayed that they were still open since it was quite late for a shopping extravaganza. Boy did I luck up, too!

I had been looking for some apothecary jars for quite some time. The last time  was in there I had spotted one, walked away to get a buggy to prevent me being clumsy and dropping it causing it to smash to smithereens, and when I came back it was G-O-N-E! I suspect someone saw me eyeing it and swept it right out from under me.

Not this time though! I came in with a buggy with one thing on my agenda. Apothecaries. I went straight to the back and spotted one for $10. Then, I spotted a different one for the same price. Let’s just say they now have a cozy spot in my bedroom for now. They have nothing in them. I haven’t decided what to fill them with, nor have I had the time.


Speaking of birthdays…my grandmother surprised me with a painting that she did for me! How sweet is that!


On top of that, one of my classroom mamas baked and decorated me a beautiful cake.


That will be for another day.

Okay….Go ahead and do your Friday dance!

Hope you all have a fantabulous weekend!

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  1. Looks like you had a very good birthday. I love your new jars. VERY PRETTY!