Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Too Cold For Me!

Hello blog readers! I must tell you that I’m blogging from my bed tonight, under my covers, clothed in a t-shirt, sweatshirt, and fleece lounge pants.

Our house seems to be soooo cold thanks to our housing being built originally in the 1930s {I kid you not}, and we have these great hardwood floors that seem to have no insulation. It is like walking on ice cubes. This in turn makes me walk around the house in the before listed attire PLUS some hideous but very warm and comfortable sweater socks.

I hope you all are staying warm inside. I’m a bit bummed because I haven’t been able to work on some of my projects I told you about. Remember the desk and chair? They’ve been put on hold.

However, this has allowed me to browse blogs and other areas on the internet for some terrific design ideas. I swear I have looked at the Nester’s bedroom makeover 1000 times. Gorgeous is what it is.

I appreciate all of your comments and advice on the tables. I’m so indecisive when it comes to furniture. I suppose it is because of the $$$ a person has to spend on it to only get it home and be half-way satisfied.

I did find this table from Target, which is VERY similar to the one the Nester had.

console table

It is only $84.99, and I get 10% online since I’m a member of AEA {a perk to being a teacher I guess}.

My problem with this is that it is more than likely cheaply made.

Some of you suggested shopping antique and consignment stores, which is usually the first place I look for furniture. I’ve found I can get better quality furniture from places like that rather than department stores.

The problem with antique stores and these type tables is that I doubt I can find two that are alike. I know what you’re thinking. They don’t have to be the same. What you don’t understand is that they do.

This mind of mine needs the same. It needs symmetry. Type A personality I suppose is the reason for this insaneness.

When I look into magazines and see mismatching side tables, it doesn’t bother me. It only bothers me when it is me doing the choosing of furniture. Indecisive is another problem.

Now I’ll share with you my dream house…


main floor

Yeah….this won’t be happening any time soon, but a girl can dream.

We’re now on the downside of the week, and I cannot wait until Friday.

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