Monday, January 3, 2011

11 House Goals of 2011

The Nester has challenged bloggers out there to join her in making goals for our home, which is something I think I can actually do AND be able to check off a few things.

I’m not one for making New Year’s Resolutions. Sure, I wish I were a bit more motivated, but I guess we all do. I’d love to exercise more and be totally fit, BUT I can tell you right now that a regular fitness routine is probably not in my future as much as it needs to be.

I love my home. I really do. There are some things though that I want to change to make my house feel even more like a home.

For all of you that don’t know the story about our house, I’ll give you the short story. Colby’s parents offered us this home to renovate to our liking. In return, we can live here without having to pay rent. The perk is that later we’ll be able to rent the house.

That’s a lot of information to be sharing that I normally wouldn’t share. However, I feel I need to share that so that everyone reading this knows that I would like to put even nicer things in my house, but I have to stop myself sometimes to remember that one day we won’t be living here, and we will be renting it.

Want to see our house before?


This is our house now.

house now

Big change, huh?


So, here it is. My goals for this year. There are a few I’m putting on here that are major things, but maybe {just maybe} it will happen:


  1. Re-design flower beds in front of house
  2. Add a deck to the back of the house
  3. Add a fence around yard {for privacy and a dog}
  4. Accessorize house
  5. New bedside tables in both bedrooms
  6. New lamps for bedside tables
  7. Add bookshelves for middle room {office}
  8. Completely set up my work area
  9. Add a rug to the living room
  10. Add closets to the laundry room
  11. Re-paint front and back door

Like I said, I know some of these are rather big things to do, but I think I can handle a good bit of them. We’ll see at the end of the year just how I did.

If you have those few things you’ve been wanting to do around the house, make you a list. Post it somewhere YOU WILL SEE REGULARLY. Give it a go. It really makes you feel great when you see yourself marking things off that list.

That’s how I feel about my 101 List. Let me know if you make a list!!!


  1. That's exactly why I have my 101 List too....motivation. If I have it written down, it'll drive me crazy until I cross it off! LOVE your house now!!!!

  2. When our DIY kitchen reno stalled out, I made a punch list like you would for a contractor. It was great to mark those things off.

    Can't wait to see you post the finished projects.

  3. You have already done such a great job on the front of your house..Good luck with all the new changes you want to make...Thanks for sharing at Nester..!!!

  4. That is quite an exterior makeover. Everything looks so welcoming and fresh now.

  5. Visiting from The Nester. Your home is so cute. I love the front porch. It is so charming!!

  6. Hi! I'm visiting from The Nester also. Your home is beautiful! I read your previous post and discovered we're neighbors! I live in Monroe County(and I'm a tribal member). What a small world! I'm curious about which school you work at. You may know one of my cousins. Good luck on your goals this year!