Sunday, January 9, 2011

Giving it a New Life

Remember the chair I showed you a couple of days ago?

It looked something like this.


The seat of the chair looked something like this:


The seat of the chair now looks like this. What do you think?


As for the chair, I am now armed with three colors of spray paint because I just couldn’t make my mind up.

I figured that now that I have three cans I can start with the one I like most, let it dry, bring it in and picture it in the room, and if I like it I will continue on by adding the seat.


(There is another can obviously, but it is outside. I was not ABOUT to walk out in the cold just to take a photo of it. Take my word for it. It is brown.)

If I don’t like it, I have two other colors to try. Surely to goodness I’ll be able to pick a color from three cans.

While I had looked forward to completing this project this weekend, it just didn’t happen. Windy and freezing cold weather are not ideal conditions to complete a project such as this. And, I can tell you right now that I won’t be completing it until the weather decides to be a bit more friendly out there.

I promise I will share what it looks like in all of its fabulousness when it is done!

School is being canceled in lots of different places, but I have to say that I hope we do have school tomorrow. I would rather go now than have to make it up later.

I’m getting pretty excited about our three day weekend coming up and a day that is very special to me….my birthday!

Have a great week!

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