Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Last Day


{Flowers from my front steps as we speak….a morning smile required after seeing these}

If you are married to a hunter, date one, or your father was a hunter, you know that tomorrow is THE LAST DAY of hunting season. I can’t tell you how glad I am to see this day. I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. I find it wonderful that my husband has a hobby that he loves so dearly, and I do try my very best to let him enjoy it to its fullest. And he does!

This past month I have went two straight weeks without seeing him at all. Now,  I’m not sure how many wives would agree to such a thing, but for whatever reason…I did. Distance does make the heart grow fonder, and I will be so grateful to have him back with me. I will gladly admit that I have missed him like crazy. He makes me feel better on those long, hard days at school, and I love him for that.

The good news about hunting season other than him being with me is that we can get to work on some projects around the house. There are just some things I need his help with, and I will be welcoming his help with open arms. Now, if the weather can just warm up and cooperate, I will be a happy camper. I’m thinking I need that shirt from Darby’s shop.


I’m dreading an early morning to school tomorrow seeing as how I have gym duty in the morning. I usually get to school at the same time as I do when I have duty. However, I still like to have that freedom just in case I oversleep or just can’t get my act together in the morning or if I just can’t get enough of a blog and would like to read a little bit longer. I’m guilty of all three.

Remember that to-do list? It didn’t happen. Only one thing happened of all four things. It was a major thing though! The bookcases came in, and I’m all smiles because of it. I put it together first thing Saturday morning and forfeited the rest of the day to my mother who tempted me with a treasure hunt. There will be more on that later.


I did make another to-do list today. I’m ready to knock some more things off of it. It was more like a week long to-do list.

Tomorrow will consist of school, picking up a magazine, and grocery shopping.

This is how  grocery shop. I make a menu. Then, I make my grocery list. I know you’re probably thinking that it is ridiculous to type my grocery list, but I would still be sitting here tomorrow trying to write it all down. I’m a slow writer.


As for that magazine, I’ll be telling you more about that tomorrow once I pick up my copy.

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  1. you've got some nice dept of field going on there, B! you been playing around with your camera more?