Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wedding Time

Ok….last year including our wedding, there were 10 weddings to attend. It was crazy!!! It was especially crazy because of the fact that some were even on the same day, and we would have to make a decision between the two.

This year so far we have 6 weddings to attend. Seriously, people! And from the looks of it, I have volunteered to host showers for two of the five. Wondering the theme for the showers yet?

Kiss the Cook. Monograms and Mimosas. 

Like the themes? I think it’s going to be a lot of fun, but I think it’s going to make me seriously busy planning for it, but I really can’t wait.


Yesterday, on top of my projects, I attended a Christmas ornament shower for friend from high school. It’s always fun to go to showers now and see people I don’t get to see on a regular basis.


This beautiful girl right here is about to marry a friend I have known since 5th grade. I kid you not when I say that they started dating in 7th grade. I can’t blame her for holding on to him though because he really is a terrific guy.




I also received this lovely invitation in the mail. Just being from the South, most of the Southern girls send the typical wedding invitation that is a bit of a classic look.

It always thrills me to see something that is different from the “typical”. My cousin lives in Maryland and will be getting married at the Peabody Library.


peabody 2

Breath-taking, right? Raise your hand if you’re thinking about Beauty and Beast right now dancing in the library.

On to the invitation that I wouldn’t even open until I got inside to grab my camera.



And because she has an incredible sense of humor, her response cards reflected that as well, and I got quite the laugh out of it. Read it and see if you catch on.


Very awesome, Shannon!

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  1. Judd saw this and said he could easily draw a similar customized invitation. Thanks for the ideas.