Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Don’t worry. I do not need advice on anything deep and meaningful like relationships. What I really need advice on is places to buy furniture.

You see I found this table on World Market, but I have never bought anything from there.

bedroom side table

I think this is a pretty incredible table as far as looks. I’m particularly drawn to the spindle pedestal. How romantic is that? Yet, the wood tones give it the manly touch my husband would be wanting.

There is a great price on the table, and I thought if I could scrounge up a coupon somewhere that I would be even more drawn to it.

However, I’ve also determined a problem with just going ahead and ordering this table tonight. I know not one thing about the quality of furniture from this store.

What makes it even worse is that I saw the bedroom below over at  the Nester’s blog today, and those tables are calling my name. The only problem with those is that I would love to have some very similar to those {wood tone, size, etc.}. Where can I find them though?

nester bedroom

side table

side table 2 

Answer these questions for me:

  1. Which table? Pedestal or crescent?
  2. Is World Market a good place to purchase furniture?
  3. If I did want the crescent, where can I find a table like that?

Help please!!!


  1. Hey Brenna, I've got two tables in my living room from World Market. One is a small foyer table and the other is a sofa table behind my couch. I love them both! I've had the smaller table since 2006 and the longer sofa table since 2008. I've been really pleased with the quality! I also have a rug from there as well. I was able to check all three items out in the store though before I purchased. I saw the Nester's blog on your blog yesterday and am obsessed with the room too! Unfortunately, I redid our bed last year (which I love) but then ran out of steam. I would love to steal the look of the bedroom too!

  2. Did you see this table?


  3. I didn't see that one, but it is definitely the style I'm looking for. I guess I'll need to make a trip to the store to get a good look at it. Thanks so much!

  4. Both our patio set and dining room table are from World Market and we've had no problems with the quality. Super cute furniture at a reasonable price? Love it. And I really love tgat first table!!