Friday, May 7, 2010

Stamp Out Hunger

This Saturday the USPS will be picking up non-perishable food items right from your home to go to a local food bank. I saw this first on a sign in the post office, but the other day I opened up our mail box and found a plastic bag and a postcard.

On it, it provided the instructions on what to do to support this cause!

I have gone to the website to provide you with more information about it. Below are some of the important parts of the article:

"Every second Saturday in May letter carriers in more than 10,000 cities and towns across America deliver much more than mail when they walk and drive along their postal routes. They also collect the goodness and compassion of their postal customers who participate in the NALC Stamp Out Hunger National Food Drive – the largest one-day food drive in the nation and probably the world.

Led by letter carriers represented by the National Association of Letter Carriers (AFL-CIO), with the help of rural letter carriers, other postal employees and numerous other volunteers, the drive has resulted in delivery of nearly one billion pounds of donations to community food banks and pantries over the past 17 years.
Carriers collect non-perishable food donations left by mailboxes and in post offices and deliver them to local community food banks, pantries and shelters. Nearly 1,500 local NALC branches in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands are involved in the drive.

All citizens need do is to place a box or can of non-perishable food next to their mailbox before their letter carrier delivers mail every second Saturday in May. The carrier will do all the rest. The food is taken back to a postal station, sorted, and then delivered to an area food bank or pantry. There it is available for needy families.
Some 35.5 million people face hunger every day in America, including 13 million children. This drive is one way people can help those right in their own city or town who need help."

Make sure you take the time tonight to fill your bag and put it in your mailbox. It doesn't matter if you put one item in it or fill the whole bag up. Just do it. We need to give to those who are much less fortunate than us.

Have fun filling up your bag! Let me know if you participated!

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