Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Shopping Find…

I’m sure many of  you have seen these cute little babies already, but I L-O-V-E mine. I can’t wait to get to use it. I have been wanting one for a while, and I just couldn’t justify buying one quite yet.

Lucky for me though that I’m getting married. Lucky for me that the caterer asked that I have a basket of some sort and containers for her to pack us a basket for after the wedding. Lucky for me that I found this at our local go-to gift shop.

What do you think?


I think it’s terrific. It seems pretty sturdy.

I also got that great cover to go on top of it, so it will hold all of my goodies inside.


The totes of this size are about $40, and the covers are around $15. It’s not too bad of a price.

You can find out where to find these in your local area here.


I found this terrific website that seemed to have very good prices.

If you want to Google search it, try Reisenthel Bags. There’s lots of varieties, so you might find something else that best fits you.

P.S. I have added links to the pictures, so you can find the exact items that I posted about.


  1. I received one as a bridesmaid gift a few years ago. I love it! I don't have the top. I'm gonna have to get one of those. :) Should I even ask if it was from Dirt Cheap? It looks more like a Jus Do type of thing. If that's from Dirt Cheap we are TOTALLY making a trip over there soon.

  2. Abby,
    I can definitely say that it came from Jus Do. It didn't come from Dirt Cheap this time. That's a great blog post one day. I'll have to go shopping there and post my finds!

  3. what happened to the thing i got you that is just like that?

  4. Ashley,

    I still have it. I just use it for other things! I'm getting it monogrammed soon, too!