Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Sickness has taken over my body. What started out as a scratchy throat that I thought was from me talking too much has now turned into much more.

My nose is all stopped up, and I can hardly sleep at night because of it. It couldn’t come at a better time {insert sarcasm}. I don’t have that much to do, but in my head I feel like I do.

My patience and tolerability of things is very low due to all of this. I’m trying my best to maintain my composure, but it is so hard at times. So many decisions to make that are probably not worth worrying about.

Can I just skip the rest of the week and move on to Saturday?

Please? Pretty Please?

Pray for me. Pray that I feel better. Pray that this stupid cold or whatever it is will leave my body. Pray that in the mean time I don’t let things get to me and bother me. Pray that I will be nice to everyone no matter what because the only reason it might bother me in the beginning is only because I’m sick. And, you might want to pray for those poor souls that are helping me put this day together.

I feel awful! I want to leave work right this second and go home. I want a nap. I want to be left alone. I don’t want to answer the phone anymore.

Sorry about the rant. I just had to get it out. And, I really need those prayers. Thanks for being patient.

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