Friday, May 21, 2010

Bridesmaid Gifts

All week this week I’ve been trying to keep things updated and give a look into the wedding. I’ve had to wait until today to post my bridesmaids’ gifts since some of my readers are bridesmaids.

In previous posts, I’ve shown idea pictures that were inspiration to the wedding. I had the idea to incorporate burlap since Colby and I are from a small town, and we enjoy classy, yet rustic things. I thought this would be the perfect mix. I have chosen to use burlap runners on the tables {that I made myself}. I thought this might coincide with the fact that our reception is in an old hardware store.

I wanted my bridesmaids’ gifts to reflect my wedding, yet be something that is cute and useful. I’ve been eyeing some totes from Ballard Designs for quite a long time. I wanted one for myself so badly. They’re made of jute, which was perfect for the wedding. I picked the “so-called” lime green bags with brown monogramming. The  bags don’t look that lime green to me, but they’re still okay. Of course I ordered one for myself, too.


They do not look like this color when you receive them.

Instead of getting their initials though, I decided to go with their first names. Some of them are married, but many are soon to be married. I just figured it would be easier to get first names instead of trying to decide whether or not to use their current initals or their soon to be married initals. Craziness!

I also supplied their jewelry. Pearls are so classic, I couldn’t help but choose them. Plus, everyone likes pearls and will wear them over again.


The girls won’t be able to wear the necklace because of the neckline of their bridesmaid dress, but it’s a nice completion to the set anyhow. You can see the dress at this link.

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  1. I love my bag. It's huge. It'll be perfect for two beach towels this summer. Thanks so much. We enjoyed being a part of your special day!