Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gone Fishing

Number 34: Go fishing with Colby

I started to count this off of my 101 list, but I opted not to since I didn't actually fish. It was a lot of fun though to get to go and spend the day with him while he did something he loves best.

He only caught three fish. I pulled up the lily pads as we glided through the pond. We hate those pesky lily pads. I had quite the collection in the back of the boat when we finished that evening.

We did have a little visitor while we were out there enjoying the beautiful sunny day. They come back after every winter, and it seems that it's never the same one. I could do without them, but I guess they'll just have to hang around.


  1. I love these crisp pictures. The images look so sharp. We're gonna tag along next time. Maybe I won't "lose" the anchor this time.

  2. The photos are like that because I used Colby's camera. His is MUCH better than mine! Lord, I can't wait until I have my DSLR!