Monday, January 12, 2015

That Time I Cheated On My House

Yes…I did it.

I cheated on my house. I did it right in front of its face, too.

The house across the street from us went up for sale. From the moment I saw the For Sale sign, I wondered what it was like inside.

It’s a huge house. The price was right. So many options. So much space. I dreamed about it. I talked myself out of it. I pretended I wasn’t even slightly interested in it. And then….I would bring it up to Colby all over again.

I knew I just had to go in it. See it for myself. Quit dreaming about it and see if it was the right move for us.


The problem? I liked the house. I didn’t love it. I LIKED the exterior of it, but I LOVED our home’s southern style and charm. I wasn’t much a fan of all the beige across the street.I couldn’t see myself in it. I wasn’t even sure I could drive down our street, past our house now, and know I had made the right decision.

I was a cheater, cheater pumpkin eater. There. I said it.

I finally gave in after pouring through the realtor’s photos on the realty app I may or may not look at once a day and called our next door neighbor and realtor, Ms. Sandy English.

We met her one afternoon and took a tour.

Y’all….if you’re looking for a house for a large family, this is the house for you. It’s huge! Plenty of space for everyone…plus a little extra.

You know what I felt when I walked through it though? Relief. I didn’t LOVE the house in comparison to ours. Sure, it was bigger. It had tons of potential. But? It wasn’t ours. I didn’t see myself living in it.

The craftsmanship in the house is amazing! Colby loved the size of the yard. If you’re in the Brewton area and would like to have us as neighbors, we encourage you to go look at it. Call Sandy, of course, though!


Afterwards, I walked back across the street and asked our house to forgive me. I love LOOKING at other houses, but it will take an amazing house to make me move again.

Side note: I’ve had this post typed forever, but wouldn’t get my lazy behind up to take a picture of the house across the street. Now, I have.

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