Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dreaming of Spring…

Our yard. Oh. Our yard. The sight of it makes me cringe right now.

It’s not that it’s that awful, but I never like our yard during the winter. Winter just makes yards look blah.

Technically, our yard has probably looked better than it has since we moved in since we’ve gotten all of the overgrown mess out of the way. Now it is nearly a blank slate.

Did I mention that my husband and our neighbor took care of some trees in our yard and that my husband has had the flu and that the remains of the trees are still laying there?

Ugh. It’s all I can say. Spring…if you’re out there…will you please hurry up and make an appearance? This ole girl is tired of winter.

I dream of beautiful green grass and blooming flowers….

Yard 1

and a cute place to dine outside…

Dining 1

and lovely planters….


and a cozy porch….

Porch 3

Porch 1

Porch 2 

The good news is that my awesome BIL is working on a plan for our yard to give it a total southern makeover! Y’all, it will be the answer to my prayers! I trust him 100%, and I know my heart will sing when I see his plan. I’ll probably be doing back flips in the yard when it begins to resemble it {if I could do a back flip….maybe I should settle for a cartwheel}.

Spring, I’m begging you with every ounce of my being to speed things up, so the grass can return to its lushness, and I can be excited to go outside again.

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