Sunday, January 18, 2015

Let’s Have a Chat

First, let me say that I love to take photos and document moments on video, particularly of Landry. I have crashed many a computer because of putting too many photos on there. Luckily, I have them all backed up. Unfortunately though, I am the world’s worst at actually printing photos out or keeping albums of photos.

One day I want Landry to be able to look back to see himself growing up and hopefully not blame me for all of his problems. Just kidding….kind of. But seriously, I want him to not have to look through a flash drive that has {hopefully} lasted X number of years for any photos of himself.

That’s where my new obsession comes in. I now have a subscription to Chatbooks. It’s $6 a book, and they each have 60 photos in them. Every 60 photos, you will get a notification that you have filled up a book. You can go in there to edit out the ones you don’t want.


I have mine set-up through Instagram photos since that’s where I post all of our little “moments”. What I love about it is that it puts the exact date of the photo {or when you posted it}, the location, and the caption to remember what in the world was going on when you snapped the picture.

You get to name the collection of books. Our is “Life as a Langham,” and it posts the date range on the outside of it as well.


I like it compared to some other subscriptions because it is on a 60 photo basis. Some subscriptions print every month whether you have enough photos to publish or not. Who cannot afford $6 for an album with all of that effortless info included and shipped free? You can even go back to pictures printed previously, or you can get them to send you a book a month until you do get caught up!


They really are working for the customer and serving their needs! I have had great experience with them. While I wish I could say that they sponsored this post, this is totally my own doing. For all of you mothers out there, it’s worth the time to check into it.

I cannot tell you how many people have sat down on our couch and noticed the books and started flipping through them. While most of the pictures are of Landry, I include any memories during that time period. It really is fun to look back and see how much things have changed in such a short period of time. I know that in five or ten years I’m really going to be missing this age.

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