Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Big Boy Room Progress

Knowing how long things seem to usually take, Landry’s big boy room/ guest room seems to be moving along quickly….until I go in there and look around. I’ve already made huge progress though!

OB-Landry's Bedroom

So far, I have gotten the bedding ordered and on the bed! That was a huge step! I’m having the shams from the duvet set taken in and made to fit standard size pillows.

Thanks to my cousin from Atlanta, Meg, I now have the fabric for the curtains to be made! They are going to be floor to ceiling curtains that flank three windows. I’ve already talked to my handy seamstress from the school and brought the fabric to her today.

crab painting

I also placed the order for the artwork that will go over the bed. The headboard is a major purchase that will take some saving. Not too happy about that, but that’s the life of a teacher’s paycheck.

While those are some major things off my list, the list is still quite long.

  1. Purchase the headboard from Overstock.
  2. Get curtain rods and rings to hang curtains from.
  3. Have curtains made.
  4. Buy Euro pillows and have covers made for them.
  5. Paint the room Pale Oak
  6. Find some lamps.
  7. Paint the speakers.
  8. Accessorize
  9. New light fixture

And I’m sure I’m leaving something off!

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  1. Hooray for a blog shoutout! Love having a reason to hit up IKEA!