Monday, January 26, 2015

A Knock-Off Bulletin Board

For the longest time, I have drooled over Darby’s pretty awesome bulletin board that she made at Fly Through Our Window. Unfortunately, at this point in time, I can’t justify spending $$$ on a bulletin board of all things when I have bigger priorities around here that need some cash thrown its way.

Darby BB

While I have the perfect wall for it, it’s just not in the stars for me right now. If you see some school tossing one to the dumpster or something, give me a call ASAP. I’ll be glad to crawl in their dumpster to save a little moolah.

Lucky for me though, I had two cheap bulletin boards already from Wal-Mart. I even had the fabric I wanted to cover it in. It was left over from a curtain project from our old house and has been patiently waiting on a new project so it could find its purpose. All I had to buy were a couple of boxes of silver tacks.


All I had to do was cut my fabric to size, lay it flat on the board, take a little time and patience to push in all of those tacks around the edges as straight as I possibly could, and then hot glue the extra fabric to the back of the board {tightly wrapped, of course}.

It was a project under $5 since I already had most of the materials. Easy as pie!


And a close up…


Now we have an awesome place to post reminders, goal lists, and random coupons that we {meaning I} just can’t seem to part with in case I need a good deal.

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