Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Oh yes….you know the show. Every Tuesday night I’m camped out in front of the television waiting for Chip’s latest shenanigan and Joanna’s latest design that says “Brenna’s style” all over it!

Farmhouse = Check

White distressed paint = Check

Light airy colors = Double check

O.M.G. I think we could be best friends. For life. I would work in her shop for merchandise to decorate with. How great would that be?

Anyhow…I was thinking last night how I have my favorites of her designs….and then there are a few {and I mean like 1 or 2} that just don’t suit me. But why bring those up?

Let’s move on to my favorites from all of the episodes. Prepare yourselves. You’re about to see lots of kitchens and living rooms.

First of all….the next few pictures are from my most favorite episode because it’s the most like our house in the layout . I could see how I could easily implement a few of the changes they made and make a major impact on our house. If you’re wanting to watch the episode, it was season 1 episode 9.

1-9 Kitchen

The kitchen is almost our same floor plan. It would be easy to make ours resemble this with some paint, new countertops, and maybe a few other small changes.

1-9 Kid Table

They made this adorable table for the kids in this episode as well. If you’ve seen my instagram posts, you know I had my handy dandy daddy make one quite similar to it. He even made the toolbox for crayon storage as well!

1-9 Dining Room Fireplace 

We also have a fireplace in our dining room that needs a makeover. The mantel is great, but the brick around it is U-G-L-Y. Like yellow brick. {insert puke face} This would be a great way to update it and give it that amazing fresh and clean look that I love so much.

Now….for the rest of my favorites without all the commentary. I think if you hover over the picture it will tell you what season and what episode the pictures are from {Example: 1-9 is Season 1 Episode 9}. Of course, you can find these same pictures on the Fixer Upper Blog.

My favorite kitchens….I think you’ll find the trend rather quickly.

1-4 Kitchen 2

1-4 Kitchen

 1-7 Kitchen 2

 1-7 Kitchen

 1-12 Kitchen

2-3 Kitchen

The living rooms…

1-4 Living Room 1-4 Living Room2 1-12 Living Room

2-3 Living Room 2 2-3 Living Room

And my favorite little laundry room!

2-2 Laundry

So how many of you are standing by waiting on Tuesday nights and record every episode on your DVR? I know I’m not the only one. Were any of these your favorites? And if you haven’t discovered this show yet….and I don’t know how you haven’t….tune in Tuesday nights at 8 on HGTV. You won’t regret it!

I can’t wait to see what the rest of the new season holds!

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