Monday, May 30, 2011

Gone Fishin’

One of the things to do on my 101 list in 1,001 days is to go fishing with Colby. I’ve been several times with him, but I had yet to record it on the blog or take pictures of the event.


He’s such a sweet husband. He invited me to go along with him and one of our friends just so I could get some sun. They use the air boat to bow fish, which looks like a terribly hard sport from an outsider. Somehow though, they always seem to bring fish home.


Unfortunately though, just as soon as we got out there it seemed, we had our first injury of the day. He was a trooper though and continued on. If it had been me though, we would have turned the boat right around and went home. Good thing it wasn’t me!


I always try to come prepared for a long day of fishing.

This is what you see…

Sunblock * Towel * Hair brush * Pringles * Magazines * Koozie

When you’re on the river, it’s great for the first little bit, but after a while you get tired and start looking for things to do {eat or read}.


The river is so low right now that it is as clear as can be. You can see straight to the bottom. There were so many times I just wanted to jump off the boat and walk through the water. The sand was clean, and so was the water. Perfect for a girl like myself! I may or may not be particular about the water I swim in….just saying.

This is just a video of us riding around in the boat. I tried to capture some footage of them shooting some fish, but my battery went dead before I could. Maybe next time!

All you’re seeing in the video is us trolling around in the water looking for fish. Clearly they hadn’t seen any at this point. I’m sure it’s quite a sight for those not accustomed to seeing this.

Either way…One more thing off the list! I am actually kind of excited about getting to do this more often this summer. We’re both benefiting from the boat that way =)

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  1. What fun. I wish we had been with y'all. Judd did the same thing to his arm the last time he went fishing with Colby. Who was that with y'all? I hope he doesn't get the same bruise that Judd did. It ran the length of his arm.