Monday, May 2, 2011

Doing Some Good

The school year is approaching quickly, and I must say that it couldn’t come at a better time. It now seems that the days and weeks are getting longer and longer. The kids are tired, and frankly so am I.

The silver lining is that there are officially 23 full days left until the kids will be out of school, which means there are only 17 days left of regular school days! Can I get a whoop, whoop?!?!?

While I prepared for school this week today, I also made time to do a little good in the world. As everyone knows by now, tornadoes devastated the South this past week.

tornado Photo by: Maggie Crutchfield of destruction brought on by the tornado in Tuscaloosa

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as I sat on the couch watching the tornado sweep through Birmingham after I had just heard of all of the damage it had done in Tuscaloosa. Worry for my BIL and SIL {and her family} took over me as I imagined the worst happening. Prayer after prayer went up until I finally knew that they had made it ok through the storm.

tornado 2 Photo by: Maggie Crutchfield of Chevron in Tuscaloosa

My worry then turned to my SIL’s nearly 90 year old grandmother who lives by herself. The tornado was heading straight for her town. Luckily, grandmother made it out just fine as well and had some help from a family member, which was such a relief. Until I knew the storm was over for her though, I was texting storm information that I knew to my SIL, so she could relay it to her grandmother. Like I said though, God looked over them all and kept them safe from the storm, and for that I am very thankful.

Seeing as how the devastation destroyed so many homes and left people with nearly nothing to their name, I felt compelled to provide something even if it wasn’t a lot. Every little bit helps. When I know that I am way more fortunate than them at this point, I think as a Christian it is my duty to help others and spread God’s word at the same time.


While thinking of what I could do in addition to getting supplies, I came up with the idea of attaching a label to the supplies I was sending. You can see it below:


I’m not sure if anyone will ever see the labels, but if one person sees it and it provides them the strength to keep going when the going gets tough, then it is TOTALLY worth it.

While this is still fresh on our minds right now, let’s not forget these people in the coming weeks. There are still going to be many people left homeless and will still need supplies. If you haven’t been able to help yet, help as soon as you can. It won’t be too late for quite a while.

If you’re not able to provide supplies or a monetary donation to various organizations helping, simply pray. Prayers work miracles!


  1. The labels are such a great idea. I know what you send will truly be appreciated by those in need. We are so fortunate to have made it through this storm unharmed. We appreciate your thoughtfulness and help during that scary night.