Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Number 63– Check!

This is really small and not really significant, BUT it is on the list!

I’m actually quite proud of myself seeing as how I generally am destined to kill all plants that require even the smallest water source. It’s sad really.


The goal was to plant a seed {or many in my case} and keep it alive, so it would produce a flower. Not an easy task for me!

What’s really sad about the whole thing though is that I planted the seeds, didn’t save the seed packet, and forgot what I planted!!!

Seriously? I must be the most ridiculous blogger around seeing as how most bloggers tend to know and record every detail of something of this sort.

It’s kind of funny how much time I’ve spent inspecting this unknown flower though. When the sprouts started coming up, I could only beckon how many sprouts I had at the beginning of the day, throughout the day, and every night before we went to bed.


Now, I inspect and count the flower buds. How excited was I when I woke the other morning to discover my first flower! You would think I won the lottery.

It’s the little things in life, people!


  1. Sweetie, That's a morning glory! I don't know the variety, but it's lovely!

  2. Thanks, Dr. G! Now it all comes back to me! I planted those thing on my living room floor with a towel laid out and potting soil everywhere. That's what I get for doing it so late at night and throwing the packets away.