Monday, April 25, 2011

A Terrific Last Holiday


If you read that and don’t know what I’m talking about, you do not teach school. This past FOUR DAY WEEKEND was our last holiday before the year is up, and it lived up to my expectations.

This weekend was one of celebration and thankfulness for the blessing our Savior gave in remembrance of us to save us from our sins. What a selfless act! For that we should be unbelievably thankful and seek to do his Word, while all that we do will never be enough to repay him for what he did for us.

While we celebrated the ascention of our Lord, we also took part in many other traditional Easter activities all including Easter eggs hunts and fellowship with friends and family.

MY BIL and SIL, Judd and Abby, paid us a visit this weekend as well. While they were here, we took part in an Easter dinner at my MIL’s house with Colby’s family. It’s so nice to gather around the dinner table with everyone and just enjoy each other’s company.



Dot prepared us a beautiful dinner, which was quite tasty as well. There is no telling how many hours she slaved away in the kitchen to have a feast fit for more than just the seven of us.



Afterwards, we spent the rest of the afternoon at the Langham family farm. The boys worked on the tractor while the girls sun bathed and drank a few Co-Cola’s {as we say in these parts}. A farm trip rarely goes with a little fishing though no matter what one goes out there for.


On Sunday, I went to church to sing the Lord’s praises and followed it with an afternoon picnic at my aunt’s house by the pond.



Aly egg hunted, and then we spent the rest of the day resting off the previous parts of the weekend.



I can honestly say I didn’t do a thing today other than pick the house up a little and read. It’s been a blast!

It’s now back to work tomorrow, but the good news is that it is only a four day week, and Friday is pay day! That’s always a good week!

Only 22 more student days left of school! It’s exactly one month away! 24 more work days for me though! Not too bad!

Summer isn’t that far away! Oh, the projects there will be this summer!

My excitement nearly overtakes me!

I’ll be back {hopefully sooner than later} with more Easter events {a.k.a. my home away from home….school}!

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  1. I love the pictures. It was a fantastic weekend. We so enjoyed our time with y'all. I'm so glad we had time to catch up.