Thursday, August 26, 2010

Making My Ideas Reality

Since and, well, actually before Colby and I got married, I have been thinking about the ways I wanted to change our bedroom. It’s boring. It’s ugly. It needs desperate help.

I’ve dealt with it because I have not had enough of a pay check to purchase the items I have been wanting for the bedroom.

This weekend, though, Colby and I might be taking a step in the right direction towards the bedroom I dream of. We’re in the market for a mattress.

You see…Colby likes a firm mattress, and I adore a nice, luscious  soft mattress. Clearly that poses a problem. Ultimately, we decided we would get a Sleep Number mattress.

Before, we had thought we wanted the i8.


Money is still holding us back though. For a king size mattress, it would cost us $2,949 ON SALE!

We have now decided to lean towards the p5!


We’re going to the Sleep Number store on Saturday {if everything goes as planned}.  I wanted to test it out one more time before we make the ultimate decision.

If we get a new KING SIZE BED, we have upgraded from our tiny full size bed. This means we need a new headboard. Pottery Barn, here I come!

I have chosen this lovely number to grace us with its presence. Meet Riley!


With this new upgrade, I’m definitely going to need some new linens, too. While I haven’t gotten this approved yet by my other half {particularly the price}, I’m still loving it.

While I am naturally drawn to green, the current quilt is basically the same green, and I am planning on transferring it to the guest bedroom. I feel as if I should choose a different color, and I am leaning towards this light blue shade. WE NEED LIGHT IN THIS HOUSE!


This would be the alternate choice if  decided to go with green anyway.

linens 2

These are the sheets I’m leaning towards, too. Every southern girl needs monogrammed sheets. That’s exactly what I would have done with these, too.


If you love Pottery Barn like I do, you can design your own bed linen combinations here.

Hopefully, I will have the energy to complete this idea bedroom makeover post soon.

P.S. It’s Thursday! We’re almost to the weekend!

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  1. Love it all. I've been looking at those sheets and headboards too.