Sunday, August 8, 2010

Unfortunate News

This weekend was one that I was hoping would be fairly uneventful, relaxing, and an opportunity to prepare for my first real week as a teacher.

As a result, it was eventful in a way I wish it wouldn’t have been, and it has caused me to not get the much needed rest and relaxation I was in such dire need for.

Open house was Friday afternoon, and I got the opportunity to meet the parents and children of my class this year. Tomorrow we will have a 30 minute orientation, and then the children will go home. Our actual full day will be on Tuesday. As organized as I am, I still feel completely unprepared.

I was told that this would be the most tiring two weeks of my life and that there would be no way I would ever be fully prepared for what was ahead of me. That person was right.

On Saturday, I worked on some things for school and got ready for my husband’s cousin’s wedding. I’ve actually known this family most of my life, and I was so proud to be a part of their special day. I must say that Maggie was stunning.

I found the picture below of her on her Facebook page. Perry Neal Watson was the photographer, which also happens to be her uncle.


Her dress was absolutely stunning. Unfortunately though, we were not able to attend the reception because of the horrible news we received.

Our dog, Timber, had a terrible accident and died. This was Colby’s baby boy, who he loved dearly. I loved him, too. It has been awfully hard on us since last night. We never expected something like this to happen, and it is like losing a part of our family.


Just seeing this picture of him brings tears to my eyes. We will certainly miss him. I for one will miss being greeted by him at Colby’s parents’ porch and seeing Colby’s mom walking him throughout the day. You never realize how much you care for an animal until something like this happens.

We will most certainly miss him.

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  1. Maggie looks stunning!!!! I wish we could have come to the wedding. Especially in light of the way the weekend turned out. Our hearts were heavy on Saturday. We loved Timber too. He was a good dog and he was lucky to have a family who loved him.