Thursday, August 12, 2010



Like I said before, I was told that for the first two weeks of school that I would be totally exhausted. I must say once again that they were right.

I come home. I change clothes. I eat {since I haven’t eaten since breakfast basically}. I am completely useless for the rest of the afternoon.

No, I take that back. I’m not completely useless. I am constantly still working on being prepared for school. I’m just useless to anyone else who might be around who is not related to the school. I guess it is just all part of it. I know it is hard, but then I think back to my days in student teaching and remember how much I loved being there {and I wasn’t getting paid for it then}.

Of course, we all know that teachers do not pick the job because of the money. They pick it because of their love for learning and their love for teaching all the little kiddos new concepts.

I’ve been promising photos of my room. I have to say that I just haven’t had too much time, but I did take a few photos to satisfy your viewing pleasure.





I did make the paper! That was kind of fun, and I was actually pretty pleased with the photo. You can get another glimpse into my classroom from it.


This weekend I will not get the rest and relaxation my body is begging for. Instead, we’ll be celebrating the marriage of my cousin, Chuck, and his fiance, Kelli. It’s going to be at the beautiful Oak Bowery Plantation outside of Auburn. We certainly can’t wait to have her “officially” in our family. Here’s the happy couple:


While we’ll be celebrating a wonderful time in their lives, there is a family and a community that deeply needs your prayers.


The principal at the school my husband when to school at was killed in a head on collision last night. It is the first week of school, and he was a terrific man from what I understand. He loved his school, and he loved his students. He has a wife and two grown children, as well as others in his family who loved him deeply. Pray for them all.

I must say that it is hard on a small town to lose two principals within a month of each other. Both schools are hurting, and they all need your prayers. This is certainly tough on a town that is so closely knit.

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  1. The room looks great! I love the door and the curtain. You did a great job putting it all together! My heart breaks for Coach Rotch's family. Judd and I were really sad to hear the news. I'm so glad I got to meet him at Judd's 10 year reunion. My prayers are with his family and with you during the first few weeks of school.