Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Wonderful Celebration

Weddings make me so happy. It brings me right back to May 22nd when I was the bride about to tie the knot.

On Friday, I left school immediately, so we could make it to the rehearsal dinner of Chuck and Kelli. After being worried that we were going to be late, we eventually made it there, and we were actually there on time {basically}.

I fell in love with the site that Kelli and Chuck chose to have their wedding, which is where they also had their rehearsal dinner. It was at The Reserve at Oak Bowery right outside of Auburn. It was so rustic and captivating and just my style. It had so much character.


What you see above is the party hall where the reception and rehearsal dinner took place. I must say that they changed it considerably between the dinner and the reception.


It was all about enjoying time with the bride and groom, family, and friends {especially those who live a good distance away}.




The precious little girl above is Olivia {my cousin} with her “Taylor Swift” hair. She’s a cutie!


My sweet daddy with the groom

On Saturday, we decided to eat at Mama G’s or Mama Goldberg’s. I was craving some of those chips with melted cheese and jalapeños on top.

Afterwards, we decided to drive around campus and just look around. Oh the stories I was told by Colby!


IMG_8528 After doing a little we went back to the Colby’s parents’ tailgate house for a little rest and relaxation.


We got ready for the wedding and headed out. I must say that I wasted my time on my hair {thank you Alabama humidity}.











See what I meant about the humidity and my hair? Horrifying!

After the celebration, we had to leave to go straight back to Brewton. It meant for a late night, and this little girl got her sleep on on our way back.


Kelli and Chuck, we wish you the best! We loved your wedding and had a terrific time! We hope God blesses you with the most wonderful life together.

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  1. Hey, everything looked beautiful. I hope y'all found everything in AU ok and were comfortable in the house. It looks like y'all had a good time.