Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Property Vision

So, I have this little obsession with checking the realty websites every.single. day. to see if anything new has came on the market. I’m not even in the market for a new house. I love our house dearly, but I still check it every single day. Sometimes I wish I had become a realtor. I think it’s a passion of mine that I probably missed out on.

Anyhow….I track houses and their price changes like it was my job. Recently, a house that has been on the market since before Colby and I bought our house was taken off the market, but returned shortly after. I really had loved this house when we were house hunting, but it was a good $50K over our budget. Now, it’s listed for $185K.

It’s a steal if you ask me. I haven’t actually been in the house, but I’ve driven by it a million times and browsed the pictures relentlessly. It’s absolutely gorgeous in my opinion. The lot is even better. The true perk? It’s like a perfect clean slate.


Perfectly manicured yard. Lovely front door with transom. Accessible balcony. Brick walkway. Classic.


Hello grand staircase! Those hardwoods take my breath away.

Living Room 2

I don’t really know what this room is, but I’m assuming it’s a living room or something to that effect since it’s right off the entry. White walls. Untouched perfection.

Living Room

Wood burning fireplace. Plantation shutters. Gorgeous hardwoods. Sconces flanking the fireplace.

Room 2

I don’t know what this room is, but I’m pretty much sold on the white built-in bookcases.


It has at least one semi-updated bathroom. It’s not necessarily my taste in bathrooms, but it’s updated. It’s doable. The best could definitely be made out of the situation until a great reno could be done.


And y’all….this picture does not even do the backyard justice. There are tall trees on the whole back lot, and I believe there is even a small stream that runs along the very back. It’s breathtaking in the fall.

Sun porch

And why not enjoy that gorgeous view while sitting on a glassed in porch? That pretty much seals the deal for me, but wait….there’s more.


When I see that basement, I think of all of the house stuff I could store down there and do projects in.

So, who wants to buy this house for me? Or, you can just buy the house and let me choose the paint colors and decorate it for you {wink, wink} My day would be made.

A girl can dream….

I might just have to do a post of what it could be like for some inspiration.

Oh, and if you really want to check it out, call Ms. Sandy at English Realty in Brewton. You can also check out the listing here.