Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Perks of White

white sheet blog header 

Many people see white couches and walls and anything else as trouble. If you come in my house though, you will see lots of white in various places. Some might call me crazy to have so many white things and surfaces.

I will tell you though that it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The best thing about white is that you can just about do anything to it to keep it clean. Maybe white is not for you if you don’t like to keep things clean, but I can tell you that white is my best friend.


Got fingerprints on the white wall? Magic eraser! It doesn’t even mess the paint up {usually} like it would a colored wall. I personally don’t have white walls, but I do have white trim and wainscoting. It’s so easy to just take that magic eraser and wipe it write off. Plus, nothing looks fresher than the brightest, whitest white you can put on some trim. {Mine is White Diamond by Benjamin Moore.}


Do you think white sheets are for crazy people? Why do you think hotels use them instead of colored sheets? They are WAY easier to keep clean. Throw them in the washer with some bleach, and you have yourself the cleanest, freshest smelling sheets you could ever ask for. I just traded in Landry’s cute crib sheets for some plain white ones. Want to guess which ones have been less of a headache?


Did you see I got a white comforter for the big boy room? I got it for the same reason I use white sheets. I can almost get everything clean with some bleach, a bleach pen, etc. Can you honestly say it’s that easy to get stains out of colored or printed fabrics?


And my goodness….people will really give you the look like you need to be institutionalized if you were to buy a white couch. Your guests will hardly sit on the couch because they are afraid of getting it dirty. What people don’t realize is that you can get stains out of your white couch just like you can your sheets. No worries about little toddler fingers putting chocolate fingerprints on your couch. All washable!

Now, I would recommend buying a slipcovered couch, so you can wash your covers. I wish every day that I had bought a white couch instead of what we have. Don’t get me wrong. I love our couch, but it can be such a pain to make sure I wash it and not discolor it. Throwing it in the wash with some bleach would be so much easier.


Plus, let’s think about how much use a couch gets. If your couch can’t be washed, imagine how nasty it might be. I find such relief in knowing that my couch is clean {at least cleaner than most people’s}.

It took me a while to realize these facts, but my life is much easier since I learned to embrace and love the color white. There is nothing cleaner and lovelier than the freshness that all things white make me feel.

Now I can clean it all with a Magic Eraser or some bleach….my two new best friends.


  1. I've been thinking about getting a white slipcovered couch. I like the Rowe brand. Are you all still enjoying your couches? Do the slipcovers wash easily and (more importantly) are they easy to get on and off? My husband refuses to buy IKEA and PB is a no go as well. P.S. White, clean sheets are the best thing ever!

    1. I LOVE my couches! They are super comfy and very easy to wash. I have the linen color ones, but I wish I had gotten white. They would be even easier to care for. When these need to be replaced, I will definitely be getting white ones.

    2. Very easy to get on and off too! I washed both of my entire couches (and dries them on low heat) within just a few hours this week.

    3. Awesome, thanks for your reply! We're going to the store to sit on them today :)