Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Plant Therapy

I probably am the worst person to love flowers because I tend to forget that they need this little thing called water. Unfortunately for the flowers, I still buy them and fill my planters every year.


I had been wanting some tall urns to put by the front door, but that just wasn’t in the budget this month. Instead, I decided to reuse the planters I already had and spruce them up with some new flowers.


This year I decided to go simple and stick with some bright red geraniums with asparagus fern tucked in around all sides. If you’re wanting to get the same look, Lowe’s had the big pots of geraniums for $12 {I think} and the asparagus fern was 5 for $5. You can’t beat that.


Basically, each pot cost me roughly $16 each plus tax. Not too shabby for pots that will hopefully bring me joy all summer long….if I don’t forget to water them.

Fingers crossed!