Sunday, May 3, 2015

Thrift Store Treasures

Every now and again I will spot something sitting outside of a thrift shop or see it in the window. If I didn’t have my partner in crime with me 95% of the time, I would stop by more often than not. Without being able to keep him contained in a shopping cart though, I just opt to not fight that battle with him.


Probably a month ago I spotted some side tables that were in need of some TLC outside a thrift store in town. I loved them immediately because I knew I could revive them. I talked about calling them, finally tried calling them with no answer, and eventually just gave up. I didn’t see them for a while outside until the week after spring break. I was on my way home and saw them again. After soliciting for their number on dear old Facebook, I gave them a call.

I asked how much he wanted for them. The reply? $25. I was thinking $25 each, but NO! He wanted $25 for both. I asked if he could hold them until I got across town, and he told me that if I came and got them right now he would take $20.

$10 a table, folks! I’m on my way!

I get there to buy them {and make my own donations}, and I spotted another beauty. A wooden dresser with no knobs! It came with a mirror for $30 total. I didn’t want the mirror, so we bargained. I walked out with two side tables and a dress for $40.

I felt like I won the lottery! All everything needed was a little love, some paint, and knobs.


Two trips to load it all up, and this is what I scored!



When I bought the tables, I had some inspiration before I took the plunge.


Over the weekend, I decided to tackle the side tables to clear out some room in the garage.

This is what I started with…


This is four spray paint cans later {for both tables}…


And a side by side…


Now they are on my front porch waiting to be accessorized!

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