Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Landry’s Birth Story: Part III

We were so proud of our new little boy, and we couldn’t wait for the family to meet him and finally reveal his name.

I made a banner that I was originally just going to hang on the mantle in our house, but it ended up doing double duty. Our sweet nurse, Jeana, helped Colby string it up behind my hospital bed. IMG_5406

That would be one of those Pinterest projects that was on my list.

There was so much going on during that time that I decided to just compile everything into a video for everyone to see. I hope you enjoy it!

I love this little boy more than he will ever know, and I’m dreading having to leave him to go back to work. I’m soaking up every moment I have with him over the next six weeks. Can you blame me? He’s such a good, sweet baby, and he’s made my job pretty easy. He loves his mama for sure.

I’m blowing up Instagram with videos and pictures of him. Forgive me. My goal is to make one of those mini books from Instagram photos.

The little guy is coming to life again, so I’m off to be mommy!

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