Sunday, August 11, 2013

Landry’s Birth Story: Part I

Hello, everyone! We’re still here! We’ve been very busy though since we’ve gotten home, so there hasn’t been much time for blogging. However, I’m going to try my best to make time today and tomorrow before I forget all of these sweet moments that I already feel are flying by way too quickly. Seriously….he’s going to be a week old tomorrow. Has anyone found a way to rewind time yet? All I want to do is hold him and soak up all of the sweetness in that little body of his.

I’m going to try to break this up into parts since a) I have limited time slots to blog in b) this may take a while to work on c) I want to remember as much of this as I can and share it with you even though it is mostly for my sake.

So, here it goes…

As most of you know from my post that Sunday, I was beyond nervous about being induced. It seemed that time was slowly dragging by that day. The unknown about delivering and being induced scared the daylights out of me. I worked on those last minute things that entire day, and I was in no hurry to do any of them. I just wanted the time to finally be here!

I cleaned the last few things in the house. I went to the grocery store and got some things to eat that I thought would be easy on the stomach. I talked very little to anyone for the fear of breaking down into a million pieces. That night I began to get the last few things together that had to go with us to the hospital, take a bath, and get ready for a long night ahead. I was already exhausted {emotionally and physically} before we even got there. I melted down right before getting myself ready. I just couldn’t hold it in any longer. Then, I gathered myself and we headed out for the hospital around 10:45 p.m.

We didn’t have to be there until 11:45, but we took the drive slow and steady….soaking up those last few moments as a family of two. After a stop at the gas station for Colby a quick power snack, we arrived at the hospital right on time. We checked in, got all of the paperwork in order, and were given our instructions on where to go…..up to the 3rd floor in the Labor & Delivery Hall.

After being directed in the right direction and being led to our room, the nurse handed me a gown, paperwork, and of course a cup for a urine sample {they can never have enough of those, right?}. Colby went down to gather our bags that looked like we had loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly. Then, things started to get real.

They hooked me up to a ton of machines, “checked me”, inserted a Cyotec, and wished me a good night’s sleep….as if! At this point, I was a 1 and 75% effaced. Geez, Louise! At this point, I figured I was probably going to be in labor a while. The contractions were definitely there and were back to back, but weren’t terribly strong.

Shortly after they had me hooked up to the monitors, I could tell that the heart beat wasn’t exactly what it was when they first had hooked me up. Then, I started to worry when I saw numbers in the 70s on the machine. His heartbeat was dropping, so the nurses came in to see what the issue was. The little guy was alright. It just meant mom had to lay on her side for the rest of the night. Not such an easy thing to do when you’re hooked up to all of those machines!

At some point, they came back around later, “checked me” {I was about 80% effaced}, and gave me another Cyotec. Now, it was waiting time until 6 a.m. That’s when the doctor was coming. During this time, my contractions had really picked up.

Dr. Lee came in a few minutes after six, “checked me” again {I was between a 1 and 2}, and broke my water. Talk about weird feeling! I felt like a dog laying there in all of that wetness with all of those pads to soak it up. On top of that, it was time for a shift swap in nurses. Little did I know that I would be blessed with the best nurses a girl could ask for!

Jeana and Jeanette were the lovely ladies that would coach me through the rest of the day, keep me comfortable, and make me feel like everything was under control. I’ve probably told Colby 1000 times how much I appreciated them and how wonderful they were to me.

After my water was broken, the contractions picked up quickly, and I quickly asked for the meds that would take the edge off until it was time for an epidural. At this point, I felt like I was going to tear the bed rail off and was praying to the good Lord that an epidural was in my near future. The Lord answered my prayer, and I was ready to have that epidural when she checked me the next time before my next dose.

Progress was being made! The families were getting their calls to be on their way.

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