Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Trying Something New {A Paint Party}

Alright ladies….I know many of you have already been doing this for quite some time, but now you can do it in our own town. If you haven’t tried it, I really encourage you to get a group up and give it a go!

The Dot Shop is one of the newer shops in town with some of the newest styles in clothes and jewelry….not to mention the cutest door hangers on the block!

Some of the girls got in contact with the owner and set up the date and time. We brought some snacks and drinks and got busy! We picked our two designs that we wanted to do ahead of time, and she had them cut out and ready to go when we got there.


Some of us did the mason jars, and the others did flowers. I knew I needed something pretty simple, and come to find out even that was too hard for me. I just don’t have enough confidence in myself. Luckily, the owner was happy to help so that we left with something we were proud of and looked awesome!




We can’t wait to do another one in the fall! It might be the only way we can ever all get together! Life is way too busy!

Seriously though….schedule your party with your gal pals! It’s a good time!

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