Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Instant Relaxation

Since we have moved into our new home, I new that the color in the living room was not going to work for me. Too dark! And you know how I like things to be light and airy feeling! While I haven’t fully accomplished that entirely through my house, it’s a work in progress.

Back in January, we ordered two new sofas to go in the living room. We chose quality in our sofas because we knew that they would be what we would have in there for a very long time. So far, I can’t be any more pleased. They are comfortable to sit in, and I’m definitely glad we chose to pay the extra $20 or $30 for both of them to be sofa size instead of a sofa and a loveseat. It’s worth it to be able to sit that extra person or two when you have company over.

So, let’s just flash back to what the room looked like in January before the furniture arrived and while carpet was being installed in our guest bedroom.


It’s a good thing the only thing on my mind during that time was sleeping…..thank you, Baby Langham.

Then, the sofas arrived, and we moved all of the random furniture back into the room it belonged in {kind of}, and I planned for the future of my living room to make it a little more friendly to the eye.


Since we knew things were about to get real crazy around here with a baby shower and a new kid added to the mix, we changed this room around drastically within a week’s time.

Colby painted the room in one night and did the trim on another day. I scored lamps from T.J. Maxx, pulled out frames and accessories from my stash of things I buy and haven’t used yet, and bought and painted a mirror found at the Habitat Restore.

The layout of the couches wasn’t exactly working for me. The couches were way too far apart. While the couches were pulled out to paint the walls, I quickly realized how well they would do if one of the couches wasn’t on the wall and met the corner of the other couch. I then moved one of the side tables in the middle of the two couches to make it make more sense.

Here are the before and afters from the different angles…







For those of you wondering, the paint color is Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue with White Diamond trim.



So, now I can plan for getting this room to a more finished state.


I might even want to add in a chair by the fireplace and between the piano. We’ll just have to see how it goes. I have ideas for it all, but I’ll share it all once I have it all together.

P.S. I have a nursery update coming. I promise. It’s actually half-way done. It just needs a few things here and there.

P.S.S. My computer is on the brink of dying. I’m praying it will hold on just a little bit longer. The good news is that I’ve backed everything up. Woohoo!

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