Thursday, June 13, 2013

Making Progress {Slowly, but Surely}

At the beginning of the year, I remade my 101 list full of large and small goals that I wanted to accomplish in the next 1,001 days. This is one of my favorite things to do since a) I have a type A personality b) It helps you see what you have done c) You feel like you’re accomplishing something in this whirlwind of life.

So here’s what get to be taken off of the list:

{Five} Promote Colby’s Business

No pictures of this, but I did help Colby pick out some business cards for Langham Lawn Care. Now, he’s ordering signs for stump grinding as well. The business has really taken off this summer, and we can only thank the good Lord for answering Colby’s prayers.

Before it’s all over, I’d like to see him have decals on his truck and trailer, too. 

{Nine} Paint Living Room


{Fifteen} Take a Bubble Bath

I couldn’t get enough of these early in the pregnancy. I’m beginning to think they might be a good idea again although I’m feeling particularly great overall.

{Twenty-Eight} Have a party with friends at the house


{Thirty-Eight} Frame my Master’s degree

There’s nothing really special to see. Just take my word that it’s there! This is all thanks to my wonderful MIL.

{Forty-One} Go one a nice date with my husband

After taking advice from some good friends, we went to Destin for a date to celebrate our anniversary. It was also the last day of school and a great treat after such a rough week. Y’all should definitely check this place out! It’s right by the harbor and has plenty of seating inside and out. It only seems fitting to eat outside though when you’re at the beach. The food did not disappoint and was worth the price when you’re treating yourselves every once in a while.


{Fifty-Five} Put more personal photos around the house

This is just something you’ll have to take my word on, too. I’ve brought out frames that I’ve had stashed in a closet and filled them with photos of us, mostly from our wedding. Once the little guy is born, I will be putting up some more in frames that are currently empty in his room and will probably add many more to fill our bookshelves here and there in the den area.

{Fifty-Nine} Buy a new bathing suit

And you can bet your bottom dollar I will never post a photo of myself in my bathing suit while pregnant. After an invitation to the lake, I scoured town to piece together a decent bathing suit that wouldn’t scare the daylights out of my friends. Luckily, I found one….and a cover-up that I never had to take off {thank God}. Just imagine a bandeau style tankini top in black with white polka dots and a black bottom… get the picture.

{Seventy-Four} Make a new wreath


Door hanger

{Eighty-Four} Clean out courtyard

This was one of those goals to accomplish before the party, and thanks to my husband we did. We cleaned it out and pressure washed the entire thing. Hallelujah!

{Ninety-One} Find the baby a caregiver

This was one of my biggest worries for the longest time. I didn’t want my baby to have to go to daycare {not that there is a thing in the world wrong with that}. In a small town though, the options are very limited, and I felt sure I could find someone who could work with me and keep him at their home.

After a week of two of worrying, we got two phone calls in one day about two possibilities. Praise the Lord! One worked better for us over the other, and we are now so pleased to know that our baby will be in the hands of someone we trust completely, a mother who is raising three wonderful children, and someone we know will treat ours like her own. Our prayers have been answered!

{Ninety-Eight} Attend a baby shower for me {click picture for link}



{Ninety-Nine} Get summer maternity clothes

I’ll be completely honest. I haven’t really bought maternity clothes other than shorts and pants. At this point in the pregnancy, I could benefit from a few more shirts in a bigger size, but not necessarily maternity. I’m not going all out in that department though since I have a couple of dresses I can wear as well….not to mention the fact that I’m not having to work right now since I’m out for summer. Perks of being a teacher!

{One Hundred One}  Pick out baby’s name

We’ve picked it out, and we’re keeping it a secret. It’s actually been kind of fun to hear people’s guesses. So far….I haven’t heard a correct guess. Before long though, you’ll all know…..when he gets here, of course.

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