Monday, August 20, 2012

Paint {and how to paint} or not to paint?

So, how do you all like the house? Did you notice a trend in all of the before photos? Some form of gold or yellow everywhere! I’m not opposed to people painting their walls that, but if you have viewed my pins on Pinterest then you know that I love light and airy….and white! Sorry, Mom! I do love that white! And not just any white! I love bright white….like Benjamin Moore White Diamond kind of white. Just like the white trim, I want to paint our built in cabinets in the den to match.

Of course, like any man would, my husband loves the cabinets just they way they are, and he would prefer to just leave them alone. Plus, it is something else he sees himself having to paint. To be quite honest, I don’t blame him at all because painting is better in theory than in the actual act of doing it.

So, here’s the question….do I paint the cabinets or leave them alone? Or, the better question is how do I paint the cabinets? I am loving cabinets that are painted mainly one color but have the back of the cabinets painted a different color. Do you agree? Does it give it that little extra pop of character? What do you think? Weigh in on what you think. These are some inspirational photos that I found on Pinterest, and they are pinned on my ‘The Living Area’ board. The background colors of these are not exactly my choice on a few, but it gives you the idea.

Let’s start off with white on white….

Built in Cabinet 7

Built in Cabinet 3

And now for white and a color background…

Built in Cabinet 1

Built in Cabinet 2

Built in Cabinet 4

Built in Cabinet 5

Built in Cabinet 6

And our current cabinet in its current state of plain old stained wood….


So, what do you think? Comment and let me know what you think I should do!


  1. LOVING the white with colored background!!! That's my vote.

  2. I think the white with colored is nice, but I particularly like the white with the designed background!!! Hard choice you have there, good luck...

  3. I am also an all white paint person, I would paint the cabinet white, I love the aqua blue background, I think you decorate seasonally so think of each season and how your decorations will look with the background color. Aqua is still a good choice, I love it with orange for fall, with red for Christmas and 4th of July, it looks awesome with pink or yellow for spring, etc. With your beautiful patterned brick floor and some brick on the wall, just watch the pattern that you would choose, that they don't conflict. Anyway, just my two cents, you will do a wonderful job like always, your home is beautiful just like you two:)

  4. I always have trouble posting...but anonymous that just left the post is Miriam Pitts:)