Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mantel Love!

Now that we’re in this new house, I have something new that I have been dying to have. When we were at the old house, I didn’t know how long we were going to live there. Even though we didn’t have kids and still don’t, I still wondered how I would explain Santa Claus coming through the front door and not through the chimney to my poor innocent children. Luckily, we have now solved that problem for our non-existent children and now have not one but two chimneys for ole Saint Nicholas to come down.

With those two mantels comes my favorite part, and that is the decorating part. One is in our den, and the other one is in our living room the living room with no furniture, but I am still dreaming up what all I want to do with it in general. With a plan, I can scope out the stores for some awesome buys for the cheap. With that being said, I will still plan to change it out for the holidays.

I shopped Pinterest for some inspirational photos once again and created myself a new board just for that.

mantel 1

You have probably already spotted what I love what this photo. Hello, white! Topping it off with baskets and small touch of color through flowers is right up my alley. The framed out chalkboard doesn’t hurt either. Simple but beautiful. This might be more for our den mantel though than our living room. I feel sure I could make it work in either though.

mantel 2

Simple and easy. Greenery with some gorgeous containers to hold them….all with interesting shapes and a gold mirror. Classic.

mantel 3

I like this because of the layered look….something I definitely need to work on. The good news is that there is no right or wrong. You just have to scoot things around until it all looks balanced and makes sense.

mantel 4

Another lovely combination of old and new, green and white.

Are any of these appealing to you? I think I could find things from all of them to incorporate into a mantel arrangement all my own. I seriously get way too excited about details when I don’t even have furniture in there. Now if I can just get my piano moved from my grandmothers, that would at least put one thing in there.

Well, tomorrow is day three of school. So far, so good! I have a great class this year! The bad news is that I’m pretty exhausted from it all. I’m sure I’ll be pooped by the weekend. Happy Hump Day!

P.S. The husband hung my curtains up {and rods} yesterday. God love him! He’s been a sport through it all. Pictures to come!

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  1. I love that second photo with the cream stoneware, greenery, and gold mirror!