Monday, June 20, 2011

The Time Has Come

According to my husband, the the time has come to finally make a decision on some kitchen curtains, and to be quite honest, I’m in full agreement with him. $$$ has been the only thing delaying this decision from moving in to action.

With the summer sun beaming down into my six kitchen windows, it is needless to say that it heats up in there pretty quickly, which in turn makes our electric bill sky rocket. Yikes! Add in the heat from an oven, and the cook is even baking in there.

So, I’ve picked out three fabrics. Now, it is time for you to help me choose which one. I’m giving you three choices, but in my mind I have it narrowed down to two. Tell me what you think because decisions will be made soon!

Option #1

fabric 2

Option #2

fabric 1

Option #3

fabric 3

If you’re not really feeling any of these Waverly fabrics, feel free to look around and provide some links that you think I’ll love.

Hmmm….now that I’ve posted these three on here, I’m thinking my opinion is changing. Maybe I’ll search for some more myself.

While you guys are helping me make this decision, I’ll be wishing I were laying on this….


instead of finishing up the reading I didn’t finish yesterday and taking a test on it!


  1. Without knowing what anything else in your kitchen looks like, I love the #1 fabric! So pretty! I actually like all three choices, you probably can't go wrong with any!!

  2. #2 ... I had this fabric picked out as well :) I love the cool colors and how the yellow just pops and will give brightness to your room when the curtains are closed!!

  3. That's tough. I really like all three. I think one or two would like nice. But gosh, I really like the stripes too. Ok, that was no help at all.