Friday, June 3, 2011

All Over the Place Today

I’m going to be all over the place today, so I feel the best way to attack today’s post is by giving headings to all of the different topics addressed. Hang on for the ride…

Fire on the Loose


Yesterday, a wildfire broke out in our county that is larger than any one my husband has seen over the few years he has been a fireman. It burned over 1,000 acres {as of the last I saw} and over 100 firefighters had helped in fighting it down.

I have such respect for all of the fireman out there working in the 100 degree heat trying to protect all of the homes and land in our area. Colby was quite worn out when I finally got to talk to him last night, but I was thankful to hear his voice. It’s a voice I love to hear, especially when I’m worried to death about him. It gives me that reassurance of his safety.

On a day to day basis, I am usually at ease knowing what Colby’s job entails. However, that ease only exists when Colby tells me about a fire after the fact. When I know he’s fighting a fire at that very moment and do not know what all is going on, I become a worry wart. I can’t help it. I pray constantly for their safety. I’ve seen what a fire has done to Colby before, and I pray to never see that again.

A Possible Giveaway

I’ve been tossing around the idea of doing a giveaway around here. What do you think?

Some of you who read and aren’t followers might have to get up and make an account! I know you’re out there {or at least I hope you are}. I hope I’m not writing this only for me.

Give me your opinion. Do you want a giveaway?

Groupon: A New Favorite


Yesterday, I scored my first groupon! I was so excited that I had finally found one that I knew I could actually take advantage of. It didn’t cost me a lot, which is just what I needed.

The deal?

$20 to spend at Old Navy for only $10!

Baby steps, people! Baby steps! It’s just too bad they only allowed you to buy one per person! Darn them!

Projects for the Weekend!

Another new favorite of mine is Pinterest. Thanks to Abby at The Langham Project I am now an addicited member. While browsing around over the past week, I have found a few easy DIY projects you might want to do this weekend to brighten up your household or just give you some better organization.

All you have to do is click on the picture to take you to the tutorial on how to complete your chosen project!




As for me, I think I’ll be working the wreath myself.

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I'm so glad to hear that Colby is ok. That looked like such a big fire. Very Scary. Also, thanks for the shout out. I'm loving Pinterest too. I'm trying to get Judd to join. I think being the designer that he is, he would really enjoy it and would have a use for it.