Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Today’s Tidbit

One of the best things about kindergarten that I have discovered lately is when the children are to the point where they begin to write on their own. Now, we begin writing at the beginning of the school year. It’s at this point in the school year though when they are able to “chop” their words apart {or sound out} and put their thoughts on paper.

Their creative spelling cracks me up, but in truth it is many times the way it does indeed sound.

Today’s writing in language arts was about different modes of transportation all around the world. Our reading story is about that, and it shows pictures of many of the ways from car to llama. I instructed the kids to pick a mode of transportation and write anything they wanted to about it. They just had to tell me something about the transportation they chose.

What’s funny to me is that there was an air boat {of all things} in the story! And….one of my kids chose that as theirs.

Here is what I got:


For those of you who may need a translator, it says….

The airboat went to the store.

The erbot went to the stuowr.


I was impressed by her sentence seeing as how she sounded it out fairly well. I was even more impressed with her picture though. It was so cute that I had to bring it home to show Colby. I feel sure he’ll appreciate it.

Check out the picture. The driver is even sitting up higher than the rest of the crew on board.

And this is why I love my job!


  1. I can totally see the likeness of the airboat in the picture. This student did a great job. How cute!

  2. Mrs. Ball...I think she deserves a sticker!

  3. Correction. Mrs. Langham :)

  4. I think she has been watching Colby on the river, I guess you are the brave one at the front.

  5. love it!
    She really did a great job on her sentence. I am sure she has a great teacher to thank for that!